Cleaning and Repair Estimate

Get a watch repair estimate

All the parts are ultrasonically cleaned, degreased and then inspected for
any signs of excessive wear.
Your case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets are replaced with new seals and gasket.
A WOSTEP Certified Watchmaker will then carefully refinish the watch case, the bracelet and the bezel to remove scuff marks
and scratches so that your watch will look almost as good as it looked when it was brand new.
All moving parts are then lubricated with Swiss high grade FACTORY lubricants and oils during the service repair reassembly process.
Once your  watch has been completely reassembled, it will be thoroughly tested according to Swiss  standards of excellence,
and it will be subsequently tested for 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance and proper operation.
Any required adjustments will be made accordingly with a special Swiss “Witschi” timing machine.
Finally, your  watch will be water and pressure tested.
Get a ROLEX watch repair estimate
Free Federal Express shipping. We will send you via fax or e-mail a pre-paid FedEx label,
and your watch will be fully insured.

**The above Service Special excludes chronographs and more complicated movements. Some repairs may require replacement of parts. This would not be covered in the ” Complete Overhaul Service.” Special repairs may take longer due to special ordering of parts.



Our watchmaker completed the internationally-recognized WOSTEP two-year certification program and is certified by the prestigious
Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School. Developed in partnership with the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP), the program entails 3,000 hours of theoretical
and hands-on instruction, including the manufacturing of tools and watch parts as well as service and maintenance procedures for all types of watches.
Upon completion of the curriculum, students must prove their skills in a final exam to qualify for the WOSTEP certification.
The exam includes theoretical and practical tests that cover all aspects of horology. The WOSTEP program is one of the most important certifications
for watchmakers around the world. It was devised by the Centre Suisse de Formation et de Perfectionnement Horloger
and is sponsored by Swiss manufacturers and retailers within the horological industry.



“I was very leery about sending my Rolex off to someone I had heard about on the internet.
But I was desperate and could not find a recommendation for a local watchmaker that specialized
in Rolexes. Joe was completely upfront and honest about the cost for repairing my watch.
I had broken the pin that attaches the band, and I had not had the watch serviced in years.
My watch
came back today and looks brand new! I could not be happier. The price was worth every penny.
Joe did a super job, was honest, and got the watch back to me when he said he would. I highly
recommend Joe — and would trust him with any valuable timepiece.”
~ Beth Stanton

“When you service a meaningful family timepiece, doing business over the Internet
is like taking a leap of faith. Joe Roth’s Rolex services were performed in an exemplary manner:
insuring your timepiece at the value from your insurance policy, providing for shipping
to and from his facility at the expense of Luxury Watch Service, effective communication,
and realistic expectation as to what is being repaired, cost of the repair, how much
time it will take. Joe Roth did everything he said he would do and did it well.
I would highly recommend this service to folks that need their Rolex repaired.”
~ Paul Mahoney

“I just received my Submariner and my wife’s Yachtmaster and they both
look amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to remove so many scratches
from these watches — they absolutely look brand new. Wow! I can’t stop
looking at them! Thanks again for such a great job, we really
appreciate it.”
~ Mark & Lisa Gerard