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Our QualificationsJoseph Roth is a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker, he earned a WOSTEP Certificate, a Technical Certificate, and is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.
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Featured TestimonialsRead what our customers say about our service. “When I received my Rolex watch, it looks just like it did when my husband bought it for me many years ago. I love it.”
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Before and After PhotosHere you can view some of our client photos showing the condition of their watch both before and after service.
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Just received my dad’s Rolex Just Date Watch which soon will be my son’s college graduation gift (next week).
I think he’ll love it, and I know I do.
Thanks so much for guiding me every step of the way in you bringing it back to life.
It sounds and looks marvelous.
You are the best version of a watchmaker and artist.
I can’t thank you enough.
Very Sincerely,
-Bob D. in Albuquerque, NM”

November 2017

“Last year, after much on-line research, I sent my 30 year old Submariner to Joe for an overhaul.
I couldn’t be happier with the results!
I was a little apprehensive at first about sending my Rolex to a stranger, but after talking to joe on the phone.
I felt very confident in his skill and honesty. He exceeded my expectations! The watch hasn’t kept time this accurately in years and looks great too!
I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for quality service.
– C. Seals, Lexington, KY”

November 2017

“If you need Rolex Service, this is definitely your guy! Joe Roth has taken care of me on several Rolex watches and they all came back working perfectly and looked brand new!! Even rebuilt the band on a GMT and looked new!!! This guy is awesome! Only one I use for Rolex service! First class!
–JD Barkley”

October 2017

“I have used Luxury Watch Service twice now and each time my watch has come back looking like new. Joe provides great service and a know how second to none. If you care for your timepieces, I strongly suggest you reach out to Luxury Watch Service.
–William Trimmer”

October 2017

“Just a brief note to tell you that my Rolex hasn’t missed a second (that I could measure) since your repair. Thank you for a job well done.
–John Towson, Ocala, FL”

March 2017

“Not only does my watch look like new, it also is more accurate than it has been in years. The service was worth every dollar. We will be sending my husband’s Rolex soon as well, and I will suggest you to anyone with a Rolex that needs attention. Thank you for the precise description of what was needed in advance of the repairs and the speed of your service.
–Dr. Nancy Parker “

March 2017

“Mr. Roth provides elite-level watch repair and/or maintenance with upmost professionalism and care. The before-after pictures that he displays on this website are 100% accurate. Your watch will appear exactly as it did when it was new. If you are concerned about sending your heirloom piece via mail, remember that stone-and-mortar jewelry and watch shops that provide these services very rarely perform the maintenance ‘in house’. They send them to trained specialists so, either way, your watch is going to take a trip via third party courier. At least with Luxury Watch Service, you get to manage the delivery yourself.
–C. A. Mavridis”

March 2017

“Hi Joe, watch is just back today (a 1985 vintage Oyster Perpetual Datejust two-tone). It looks like it was in the jewelers’ case and appears to be keeping great time. Thanks for the great work!
–Marc J. Plymouth, MI”

June 2014

“Joe, Thanks you for the prompt turnaround. The watch looks good. Can you service a Patek or Omega? I will keep you in mind to refer to my friends.”

    ~ D. Hobe
January 2014

“Mr. Roth, The miracle you performed in restoring the Rolex I have worn for 38 years far exceeded my expectations. The watch has never looked better. Thank you very much.”

    ~ R. Hays
January 2014

“I hope it runs as good as it looks. Now do I really have to give it to my son? I guess I do.”

    ~ R. Baham
November 2013

“The watch, a Rolex Oyster, was purchased new by my father in 1971 whilst on a business trip to Hong Kong. I was sixteen at the time and could not have cared less about this “amazing deal” (HK$71.00 – I still have the receipt!).

Three years later my father died at the age of 45 from a massive heart attack. My mother gave me his watch. From that day I’ve worn it. I’ve broken numerous crystals, had the bracelet replaced and had it serviced, maybe three times, by Rolex in London.

After almost 40 years of abuse I sent it to Joe. The service, communication and accurate pricing for the work he did is, in my opinion, second to none. But all that pales in comparison to how great my watch looks and how well it runs now. I have, to all intents and purposes, a brand new 1971 Rolex. Thanks Joe!”

~ D. O’Hara
October 2013

“Hello Joe, I received my watch back from you this afternoon. Looks really nice all polished. Thank you very much.”
~ Y. Johnson
October 2013

“Watch is working great – no problems – It’s weird that I’m now wearing this watch again – I’ve had it since I was 17 and now I’m 45 – It brings back a lot of memories. Thanks again for the great service.”
~ R. Tuccio
October 2013

testimonial“Joe, I received my Rolex and it looks like brand new! It is great to have the timepiece back on my wrist. Thank You so much!”
~ Dr. Cesta N.
October 2013

“My 15 year old Submariner was in need of some minor repairs and tune up. Joe did a great job with the repairs and tune up, but I was amazed with how great my time piece looked after he put his special care and touch to it. It looks brand new! There is no doubt that I will use Joe the next time i need any service.”
~ Mark J.
June 2013

“Just want to thank Joe for making my 30 year old GMT Master run and look like new. The ease of sending and receiving my watch and the attention to detail made this a good experience. Will be back to you in 5 years!”
~ J. Kurtis
May 2013

“Many Thanks Joe. After a great deal of research on where to send my 32 year old Rolex for service, I choose Luxury Watch Service. Kind of a stretch since I live in Nevada, however I could not be happier with the watch I just received, it looks like new. Thanks Again Joe for the great service and attention to details.”
~ Allan
May 2013

“I sent in an older, vintage Rolex that had stopped running. I received a watch that looked brand new and works perfectly. The service was responsive and attentive. A second watch, an Audemars Piguet, likewise came back looking like new!”
~ John Zenger
May 2013


“Thank you so much, I received it today. It looks fabulous!”
~ Pamela Meyers
May 2013

A happy customer posting their appreciate on Facebook, April 2013.

It reads “Just got my two watches back from Joe. Awesome work. Thank you.”

“My watch arrived this afternoon and it looks fabulous. Actually, more like brand new. I am extremely pleased to get this back in such beautiful condition as it is an heirloom that I’ll pass on to my son. Thanks for the wonderful service.
~ Phil Desjardins
April 2013

“After normal angst about sending off my watch to an internet watch repair service I took the risk…. Well worth it.. Credible, did everything he said, watch working great! Will return it again for next service..
~ Dale
April 2013

“My Rolex came back today and I must say it looks and performs quite well. The band is MUCH better and doesn’t seem to come undone as it once did. Also, the crystal is nicely polished, as is the band. Thanks for seeing the project through. The two links removed were included in the shipment for which I am grateful.”
~ Richard Leland
April 2013

Joe made my 30 year old Datejust look like brand new. It was a case of what was promised is what was delivered. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and can say that you will not be disappointed with the work done by Luxury Watch Repair.”
~ Bob McTernan
March 2013

Your work is superb! After 13 years without a service, you took my Rolex and returned it in virtually new condition. Gone were the years of wear and scratches. The timepiece needed repair and it now works flawlessly. It took a leap of faith sending this valued watch across country sight unseen. However, you presented such a professional business, with references, insurance, and pre-paid postage, that any fears were minimized. You are now the only watchmaker that will care for our family’s timepieces!
~ Dr. Soriano
March 2013

I had my Rolex repaired and cleaned at Luxury Watch Service and was pleased with the courteous, professional way the transaction was handled. The watch was returned clean and shiny and since I received it (about a month ago) I wound it and it has been working perfectly since then. I will use this service again if I have any trouble with any other watch.”

~ Rick W.
March 2013

I have sent Joe both of my Rolex watches and they look as good as the day I bought them years ago. Joe was very honest with what needed to be done and what he said he would do, he did and did it within the time lines and price he quoted.”

~ Kevin E. Jones
March 2013

“Received the watch in almost new condition. The watch keeps excellent time and looks much like the day I bought it in 1969!. Thanks for your excellent craftsmanship.”

~ C. Sorensen
March 2013

“My 25yr old+ Oyster Rolex needed repair badly. I had it supposedly repaired a couple of times several years ago at a Madison Ave, NYC, jeweler who was cheaper than Rolex. Years ago he rebuilt it nicely but the last time after repeated attempts he failed to fix the self wind. Finally, the crank failed to wind.

I decided to look online and contacted Joe Luxury Watch Service. I was fearful that it might be a scam. But I talked to Joe Roth several times and then sent him the watch. Some people thought i was ‘nuts.’ Well, the long and short is that my Rolex was fixed and tested and sent back to me with the old parts.

After a week of wearing it, I can attest that it is running fine and the price seemed to be more than fair. So, if you are looking for a rolex repair I would recommend Luxury Watch Service.

~ Joe Geronimo
March 2013

“Joseph…Received my watch about two days ago and it looks great! I wound it and set it and it has been running fine ever since. Thank you for a job well done and if it ever needs additional repair, I will be in contact with you….Thanks again……..Rick”

~ Richard F. Wiegman
March 2013

“I am very satisfied with the quality and level of service Luxury Watch
Service provided. Everything was thoroughly explained and the watch
was delivered when promised. I would recommend using Luxury Watch
to others and I plan to use in the future.

~ Fred Best, Austin, MN
March 2013

“I went to a water park while on vacation in July, and water got into my Rolex . I tried to dry out the watch with a hair blower, didn’t work. I waited months before i decided to look for someone to repair my rolex. Who could I trust, and how much will it cost. I googled a few rolex repair places and came upon luxury watch service. I looked at some of the work and read some of the testimonials and decide to give them a try. Joe sent me pictures of what my watch looked like, I felt there was no hope. Joe work his magic on my watch and I am very happy.

My watch came back looking new. Just like the day I brought it 15 years ago. Thank you Joe

~ Thomas Williams, Freeport, NY
March 2013

“Joe did a wonderful job on my 13 year old AirKing model Rolex. It works perfectly, and looks as good as new. I was getting a little anxious as a few weeks went by and I didn’t hear any news about my watch. When I did reach Joe, he set me at ease. I’m looking forward to many more years of service from my Rolex, and will probably treat it more like the valuable time piece it is.

Should it need service, Joe at Luxury Watch will be the first person I will contact.

~ Mark Adelson, San Bernardino, CA
March 2013

“Thank you Joe for fixing what was a bad decision to let someone not as experienced work on a Rolex. Luxury Watch is just that, Luxury at its finest. What was once a heap of parts is now a great time piece and a fine piece of jewelry. Thank You Joe Roth!

~ Tony Durant, Mesquite, TX
February 2013

“I was very concerned where to send my Steel Submariner Rolex watch. I chose Luxury watch service and I am very happy I did. Their service was as they stated, timely and professional.

The service was completed on time and as quoted (price). My Sub looks and runs like new. Joe kept me informed and when I had questions he was timely in his response. Joe even went above and beyond when I asked him to give me a quote on a watch I was trying to sell. After his very fair appraisal he even clean and serviced the watch at no charge.

Joe is an honest man and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone who wants their luxury watch repaired or clean.

~ Dr. Sam Anderson, Mesa, AZ
February 2013

“I am totally satisfied with the service I received on my ladies Rolex watch. I had no one locally that I felt was qualified to repair my timepiece. All serivce and repairs were completed in a reasonable amount of time with no difficulty in sending or receiving my watch insured via UPS“.

~ Susan Frendreis, Wellington, Florida
February 2013

“In a word, your work is superb!

After nearly 14 years of daily wear without any service, you turned my Rolex into a sparkling, tight timepiece that looks and feels brand new.

It takes a leap of faith to send a luxury watch across country to be in the hands of someone you’ve not personally met. You handled everything so professionally — from a precise estimate to replacement insurance to prepaid shipping. I am a believer and you will see my watch again for regular tuneups!

~ Dr. Esteban Soriano, Carlsbad, CA
February 2013

“You can trust Joe to fix it right and at a fair price. My Rolex looks better now than it did when it was new.

~ John Olson
January 2013

“I have had my 35 year old Rolex back from Joe for about three weeks. All work was completed at the price as quoted and returned prior to the date promised. The work completed included repairs, moisture damage, that was caused when I had the watch locally serviced. Yes, I was reluctant to send my watch across country, however today I will not hesitate to use Luxury Watch Service again. Thanks Joe

~ Tim Bloom
January 2013

“I sent my husband’s 15-year-old Rolex to LWS with a broken band. Joe repaired the band, serviced and cleaned the watch and it is like a brand new watch!

~ Heather Taylor
January 2013

“Excellant and Fast work. I recommend the service. I would use again. A+

~ Ron Woods
January 2013

“I got my Rolex back this afternoon and it’s BEAUTIFUL! I bought this watch as an estate piece about twenty years ago and honestly I’ve never seen it looking better than it does right now. I can’t stop looking at my wrist. Thank you so much!”

~ Liz Ross

“Dear Joe: A sincere thank you for your time and patience. After having experienced two less than favorable experiences with one of my Rolexs, I chose Luxury Watch Service.
You are honest, patient, straightforward, and the watch and bracelet were returned looking like new. My President is 37 years old, and you have it keeping excellent time.
This is the right choice, and the pricing, in my estimation, is worth the investment.”

~ J.F. Mollric, Ph.D

“I was a little skeptical about sending out my rolex to a stranger. After I took the leap of faith I was pleasantly surprised that Joseph called me and reviewed, in detail, what was wrong with my watch and what it would cost to repair it. Joseph was easy to talk to and gave me all the available options. I elected to have him do the repair. I received my watch back on time and on budget. It looks better now then it did 10 years ago. I have another Rolex that needs some service. I will not hesitate to send it to him.”

~ David Renaud

“Joseph, I was pleasantly suprised when I received my ROLEX after you serviced it. WOW it looks brand new. I can see you take a lot of pride in your work.
I have recommended you to my son-in-law and my brother and they plan to send thier ROLEX to you when it is time for maintainance. THANKS A MILLION!”

~ Bob Goatley

“I am completely satisfied with your service and the quality of your workmanship. The turnaround time was just as you said it would be, the free shipping with insurance coverage was an added plus. To summarize, my Rolex repair was a pleasant experience. At first, I had concerns about sending my watch out of state to what I considered an “unknown” Rolex dealer. And now, I sing your praise.”

~ Sandra Hutchinson

“It was a pleasure dealing with Joe. He was responsive and explained the process in detail.
I would gladly recommend his service.”

~ Gary

“Joseph, I cannot tell you how happy I am. You are the true professional!! I have owned my Rolex
for 20 years and I am sad that I did not find out about you and your business sooner. While I have
had little go wrong with my watch over this time period, I did have one problem earlier and was not
happy. Your recommendation to have the watch serviced every 3 or 4 years is an excellent idea and I
will be contacting you again when the time comes. Thank you again for being there.”
~ Peter Davis

“My Rolex submariner fell off the nightstand and the crystal was smashed. I thought it might be a total loss.
I checked the Internet and found LUXURY WATCH SERVICE. I described the damage and they sent a postage free container to send it to them. Within a few days I got a very reasonable estimate and my fully repaired watch was back in a couple of weeks.
It looks and runs as if brand new.”
~ Robert A. Decker, MD

“I sent my 1986 Rolex watch to LUXURY WATCH SERVICE for an estimate to refurbish. I was very pleased
with the cost and couldn’t believe how my watched looked when I received it. It’s been a
couple weeks now and the watch is running great and looks like new. I’m so glad I didn’t give
it to the local Rolex dealer because his cost was 50% greater and I don’t see how it could have
looked and operated any better. I’m a very happy customer. Thanks, Joseph. ”
~ Ron North

“I was very leery about sending my Rolex off to someone I had heard about on the internet.
But I was desperate and could not find a recommendation for a local watchmaker that specialized
in Rolexes. Joe was completely upfront and honest about the cost for repairing my watch.
I had broken the pin that attaches the band, and I had not had the watch serviced in years.
My watch
came back today and looks brand new! I could not be happier. The price was worth every penny.
Joe did a super job, was honest, and got the watch back to me when he said he would. I highly
recommend Joe — and would trust him with any valuable timepiece.”
~ Beth Stanton

“I sent a water-logged, rusted watch to see if there was any possible way that it could be made
to run again. I didn’t have much hope for a positive outcome. After seeing the outcome of the
repair work that was done on my rusty Rolex watch, I am truly amazed at the craftsmanship that
was performed. I now am proudly wearing my “brand new” 20 year Rolex. I would not hesitate to
recommend LUXURY WATCH SERVICE for anyone to restore their Rolex to new.”
~ Lowell Humphrey

“As a fine watch enthusiast, it’s nice to have the personal expertise of Joe Roth to assist
in finding new watches and servicing my existing watches. Joe is a true professional and his
many years in the business are obvious through his vast knowledge and passion for fine timepieces.
I recently dropped off a Rolex, Omega, and IWC that were fairly beat up. Joe returned them to me
in the time promised and at a competitive price. They all look and operate as if they were brand new.
I will no longer go to a jewelry store for watch purchases or maintenance because the level of service,
professionalism, and value Joe provides far exceeds what you receive from any of the major retailers.”

    ~ Chris recover

“Joe Roth at LUXURY WATCH SERVICE epitomizes superior customer service. I initially made my inquiry over the internet on their website.
Shortly thereafter, Joe called me and walked me through the process. Not only was it simple and easy to ship my Rolex off for
repair, but Joe confirmed all the repairs that were going to be necessary, did the repairs on budget and on time, and returned
my Rolex on the date promised. I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results.”
~ C.L. Douglas

“Thought I would send you a note confirming how pleased I am with the rebuild you did on my Rolex.
It is running like new and looks great. Thank you for your quick turn around and performing the
repair as stated in our conversation. I have recommended your service to friends of mine and they
were impressed with your website.

~ Curtis Young


“Thanks for the great resortration work on my dad’s 60 year-old Rolex Oyster Royal. I wasn’t sure the rusty
hands could be restored but you did a wonderful job. The case looks better than I expected it would. I’m sure
the mechanics will be as good as the cosmetics.”

~ Conrad Hamako

“I have received my Rolex and feel that it was very professionally done and thank you for the good work performed and your promptness.”

~ Irmie Dunn

“My 13 year-old Rolex Explorer had never been serviced (as Rolex recommends be done about every 5 years),
so it had plenty of dings and scrapes on the band and casing from wearing it every day. Recently my watch
also had issues with condensation and then suddenly stopped running. I began pricing ‘Rolex Overhaul Service’
costs, but felt that the $650 charge for this service where I live in Manhattan was rather expensive.
So, I began looking online and found LUXURY WATCH SERVICE in Florida. The site seemed legitimate, so I filled out their
‘Rolex Repair Estimate’ form and waited for a reply. However, I was quite uncomfortable with the notion of sending
my valuable watch out to a repair company in another state. Then I got a personal call from Joseph Roth, the owner
of LUXURY WATCH SERVICE, and his obvious expertise convinced me that my watch would be very well cared for. It was
free FEDEX insured shipping (both ways). Once Joseph received my watch, he actually emailed photos of the inside
of my watch to me, called again, and carefully explained what repairs were needed as well as the total cost. About
ten days later I received my Rolex and not only was it running perfectly again but it looked virtually new, like the day
I bought it. I estimated that I had saved nearly 40% compared to getting it serviced and repaired here in Manhattan.”

~ Steven Anthony Salerno (sasgolf.com)

“I was very pleased with the service performed, and ‘like new’ condition of my recently serviced Rolex watch.
Joe was the consummate professional and understood that my watch was worth more to me than simply the ‘replacement value.’
He was responsive by phone and email and extremely tolerant of someone who missed their watch! I, like many, had reservations
about sending my watch to an Internet-based business, but after some research and a very positive experience —
I will not send my watch anywhere else in the future. Thanks for the great work!”
~ Todd E. Hauser

“We have picked up the watch and it is working better than it has for some time.
We are very pleased with the repairs and we thank you for the good service!!”
~ Brent

“The Rolex repair companies in NYC told me on December 1 that there was no chance they
could complete an overhaul and repair of my late husband’s Rolex by Christmas. (I wanted
to give it to my son.) Joe at LUXURY WATCH SERVICE did and he did what he said he would do. He
itemized the repairs in detail, handled all the shipping arrangements and costs and got
it to me across three time zones well before I got on the plane for Brooklyn on Christmas Eve.
Thank you, Joe!”
~ Rita Conrad

“When you service a meaningful family timepiece, doing business over the Internet
is like taking a leap of faith. Joe Roth’s services were performed in an exemplary manner:
insuring your timepiece at the value from your insurance policy, providing for shipping
to and from his facility at the expense of LUXURY WATCH SERVICE, effective communication,
and realistic expectation as to what is being repaired, cost of the repair, how much
time it will take. Joe Roth did everything he said he would do and did it well.
I would highly recommend this service to folks that need their Rolex repaired.”
~ Paul Mahoney

“I got my Rolex back beautifully polished and just like the day I bought it.
I am so pleased with your service, you did everything you said that would be
done and in a timely matter. Also it came back in a beautiful hard shell travel
case that I now use, instead of the Rolex case that came with my Rolex when I
first bought it. I recommend everyone to send their watch to you because I feel
LUXURY WATCH SERVICE is very reputable and a trustworthy company and very fair & reasonally priced.
Thank You LUXURY WATCH SERVICE, I will be back for future service.”
~ George Okumura

“When I sent my Rolex watch to Joe for repair
it was literally falling apart. I received it
as a graduation gift many years ago and it had
never been serviced — it looked awful and I
thought it was beyond repair. When Joe returned it
to me I thought I’d just gotten a brand new watch!”
~ Jennifer Walsh, Denver, CO

“I am very satisfied with the repair that was done on my watch by
LUXURY WATCH SERVICE. It was delivered back to me in a timely manner,
our communication was handled with great professionalism, and
from beginning to end our transaction went very smoothly.
Thanks again.”
~ Stuart Tucker, Boca Raton, FL

“I just received my Submariner and my wife’s Yachtmaster and they both
look amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to remove so many scratches
from these watches — they absolutely look brand new. Wow! I can’t stop
looking at them! Thanks again for such a great job, we really
appreciate it.”
~ Mark & Lisa Gerard, Phoenix, AZ


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