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    Free Fedex  shipping fully Insured.

    Free estimate  at no cost.

    Complete service 3 to 4 weeks.

    • Disassembly of movement
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of movement
    • New Swiss lubrication.
    • Grease all necessary parts
    • Gaskets replacement.
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of watch case.
    • Factory refinishing Polish of watch case
    • Test for complete water resistance
    • Test for automatic self winding
    • Rolex factory timing in ten positions

    Rolex Full Service is a complex task that requires several hours of work and preserves the value, reliability of your timepiece.

    In the hands of Joseph Roth ( SWISS CERTIFIED ROLEX )Watchmaker, your piece is completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary with all 100% Rolex parts – all the attention that an exceptional Rolex watch deserves. Parts cost if needed.

    Yes we have over 100 + happy Google customer reviews

    8. November, 2022.
    Excellent service! Highly recommend.
    Niclas L
    Niclas L
    5. November, 2022.
    Excellent results and extremely fast.
    John O'Connor
    John O'Connor
    2. November, 2022.
    I am very grateful that Mr.Roth and his Luxury Watch Service offer such excellent, prompt and quality workmanship to be able to repair Rolex watches like my 1985 Oyster, Perpetual DATEJUST. My Rolex has never looked or run better. Mr.Roth is a "Hall of Fame" watch repair expert. I highly recommend that you contact Mr.Roth if you have a quality watch that needs attention. JO'C
    Frank Sanz
    Frank Sanz
    20. October, 2022.
    Joe did a great job gettimg my GMT Master back up and running quickly and for a great price. The watch came back running and looking like new!
    Thomas Marich
    Thomas Marich
    18. October, 2022.
    Luxury watch service is the best, i sent Joseph two rolex watches that needed repair both needed cleaning and repair. They went in looking old and worn and we're sent back looking brand new Joseph will always get my business a person to be trusted a man of his word and definitely a great communication thank you Joseph...
    Stephen King
    Stephen King
    18. October, 2022.
    Joe does excellent work. I sent him my late grandmother’s 1974 Rolex and he fully restored it and it looks brand new! Couldn’t be happier.
    John Bender
    John Bender
    17. October, 2022.
    John Tate
    John Tate
    16. October, 2022.
    I never learned but I finally did - in the past I have asked local watch repair sources and after twice @ $600.00 I finally learned my lesson by finding Joe - he repaired by 40 year old Rolex and it is finally operating perfectly - looks line new - Thanks Joe - great job.
    Don DeVore
    Don DeVore
    15. October, 2022.
    Joe fixed my wife's Rolex recently. He gave a good explanation of everything involved, and had her watch repaired promptly and back to us. Highly recommend!


    We will check if the serial and model numbers match, and in which condition the watch is. Based on the initial assessment, we will provide a cost estimate and a timeline for the service of your timepeice.


    Removal of the bracelet or strap, and disassembly of the case and the movement. For the disassembly of both the case and the movement, special Swiss Rolex tools, and extensive training are required.


    The case and the movement will be disassembled, all individual parts are thoroughly cleaned in a deep ultrasonic/steam clean. The specially formulated solution removes the old lubrication and any dirt from the movement. A luxury watch can have hundreds of parts, each of them very fragile to handle, so the process is very delicate and time consuming.


    After the parts are cleaned, each one is meticulously examined by our factory authorized Swiss Wostep trained & Rolex certified watchmaker.


    Each movement can contain hundreds of parts and our watchmaker painstakingly reassembles them. He also lubricates the contact points in the movement to minimize friction and prevent wear. This helps ensure optimal performance and longevity of the timepiece. We use only factory Rolex authorized lubricants and spare parts.


    In several steps, our watchmaker adjusts the movement until the timepiece is operating at optimal precision. The calibration is key to meet the manufacturer’s tolerances.All Rolex watches are timed in 10 postions as to factory standards.


    The case and the bracelet of the timepiece is refinished to bring back its original luster. As part of the polishing process, scratches and small dents are removed. Different compounds are used to provide the final finish – polished or matte – while preserving the original shape of each component. However, polishing is an individual decision based on the preferences of the owner. For example, it is not advisable to refinish a highly collectable or vintage watch, since their patina is part of the history.


    Lastly, the case is skillfully reassembled and all seals and gaskets are replaced to ensure the water resistance .Every watch is vacuum and pressure tested, using test equipment with wet and dry chambers is back to factory standards.


    Over a period of time, watches are tested to keep time accuracy. Automatic watches are placed on an auto winder to test the self-winding mechanism. Chronographs are tested with the chronograph mechanism running.


    Rigorous checks are carried out at each stage of the servicing process. During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance of the watch is thoroughly checked. Then the customer is informed that the watch is ready for the next several years.


    Customer Reviews

    Jeris DanielsonJeris Danielson
    18:49 05 Sep 22
    I purchased my Rolex GMT Master in 1967 and have worn it every day since. It finally refused to keep time and to wind properly. I sent it to Joe and he has completely restored the watch. He was a pleasure to work with, prices were very fair and work was done promptly. I highly recommend this master craftsman to anyone who needs expert, high end, watch repairs.
    Bill PittsBill Pitts
    20:29 17 Aug 22
    My wife could not be any more pleased. We were told by Rolex that her Rolex was non repairable due to the age. We could not imagine that they would tell us this based on the reputation of such a company. Joseph who is such a professional repaired the watch and it has never run better. It's great to know that we have people that take pride in their talents and do the right thing. Joseph you are the best and we will be recommending you to all of our fellow friends who are Rolex owners.
    Scarlett JorgeScarlett Jorge
    23:46 28 May 22
    Hello my name is Maria.I had to look for someone to service my 37 years old Lady Just Date Rolex. It was my baby.I called several persons UNTIL I spoke to Mr. Joseph Roth.His tone and manner won my faith in him.He gave me the timelines: Shipping/Receiving/Analyzing/Quote/Payment/Servicing//Delivery date.He came through.I trusted this man with my Rolex.I’ve bequeathed my Rolex to my daughter. She is so happy and over the moon.Thank you Mr. Roth for your professionalism.I will do it again.Be well and safe.MG
    Michael RaderMichael Rader
    17:46 20 Mar 22
    My Rolex GMT has needed service for some time. The local person I used, who was reasonably priced retired, and every other service center provided a wide range of quotes, that comparatively were very high, and concerned me. I started looking on-line, and located Joseph. I verified Luxury Watch Service has a brick and mortar location, and tried to find any reason as to why not to trust the service. I could not. I completed the on-line information request, and received a call back. Spoke at length in regards as to how to properly package my watch, how much to insure the watch for, and how to ship. I tracked my watch through delivery, and within a day received another call with a verbal quote and description as to what needed to be done. Received an invoice which I paid, and within two weeks, my watch was returned working and looking as good as new. I will be sending my wife's watch this week for service. I HIGHLY recommend Joseph and Luxury Watch Service.As an aside, I rarely sign into my Google Account, or leave Google reviews. But for each of you who was like me, and skeptical about sending a Rolex watch through the mail for repairs, please trust what I say above is true, otherwise I would not be leaving this review.
    Ferdie CincoFerdie Cinco
    20:28 08 Jan 22
    Joe is a true master of his craft. His expertise and attention to detail result in excellent watch repair and service. It’s amazing how he restored my father’s vintage Rolex to its old glory after more than 50 years its manufacture! Thanks so much Joe and may you have all the success you deserve.


    For your convenience, we are pleased to arrange the direct sending of your rolex timepiece to our local Rolex Service Stuido for service.


    The servicing of a timepiece may vary depending on each particular case.

    • Polishing: 2 weeks
    • Complete service of the modern timepiece: 3-4 weeks
    • Restoration of the vintage timepiece: 3 Months

    These service lead times are approximate, to discover the exact timings we recommend you contact our work Shop.