It can be tough trying to figure out what to give someone for a Christmas gift, especially a woman who is used to buying nice things for herself. However, if your mother, sister or wife is someone who is always putting other people’s needs before her own, buying her a nice gift may be a luxury for her. Buying a nice gift can include a lot of things, but for a Christmas gift, you should be thinking about buying something more personal than a new appliance for her kitchen.

What to Gift a Woman

The majority of women like receiving jewelry as a gift, especially a nice piece of jewelry from their spouse or significant other. A nice ring, necklace or watch is a personal gift she will love to wear and show off to her friends and co-workers. However, she may save it for a several occasion if she feels it is too extravagant. If you want to give her a nice piece of jewelry that she will wear for more than a special occasion, you might want to think about giving her a nice watch. And it is always nice to have an asset that does not seem to depreciate much if at all.

Why a Rolex?

There are many nice watches on the market you can give the woman in your life, but one of the top brands has always been Rolex. A Rolex watch is a sign of prestige and quality, but it is also an investment. High end watches increase in value as they get older, especially if they are kept in good condition. A pre-owned Timex or Seiko watch, while nice when new, are usually worthless in a few years time. A Rolex watch will only increase in value.

Servicing a Rolex

We service watches and our Rolex repair provides cleaning, overhaul, full polish, gasket replacement, pressure testing, water testing, and more. Compare our service to others as we use only Rolex certified equipment.

Buying a Rolex

The Rolex that you give your wife, mother or daughter doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive. You can find new Rolex watches for under $10,000, sometimes for under $9K, but most Rolex watch models will cost well into the five figures. However, there are pre-owned models that you can purchase for under $4,000. If you are thinking purchasing a pre-owned model, you need to be very careful.

Rolex watches are often counterfeited by criminals trying to make a fast buck. They will look like a real Rolex and if you are not familiar with the way Rolexes are made, you can easily be fooled into buying. If you look over the watch carefully, you will be able to tell a fake Rolex from a real one. Sometimes it is easy to see such as the name on a counterfeit Rolex being misspelled, however some are very good. Another easy way to escaped being fooled into buying a fake Rolex is the price. If you are told it will only cost you a few hundred dollars, then you know it is fake. It is a good idea to either buy from a reputable store or have it checked by a Rolex repairman to assure it is authentic.

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