A Rolex Repair Testimonial

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We thought we would share this recent testimonial. This not only shows our own personal attention to detail that we provide every customer but also the longevity of a Rolex when it is taken care of. It is always great to see such an amazing timepiece being passed down to subsequent generations.

“The watch, a Rolex Oyster, was purchased new by my father in 1971 whilst on a business trip to Hong Kong. I was sixteen at the time and could not have cared less about this “amazing deal” (HK$71.00 – I still have the receipt!).

Three years later my father died at the age of 45 from a massive heart attack. My mother gave me his watch. From that day I’ve worn it. I’ve broken numerous crystals, had the bracelet replaced and had it serviced, maybe three times, by Rolex in London.

After almost 40 years of abuse I sent it to Joe. The service, communication and accurate pricing for the work he did is, in my opinion, second to none. But all that pales in comparison to how great my watch looks and how well it runs now. I have, to all intents and purposes, a brand new 1971 Rolex. Thanks Joe!”

~ D. O’Hara
October 2013

5 responses to “A Rolex Repair Testimonial”

  1. Terry O'Dell says:

    Joe Roth recently completed the complete overhaul of my circa 2005 stainless Rolex Daytona Cosmograph. My watch came back to me looking brand new, and operating flawlessly. My watch was worn hard daily for 15 years, and never had any servicing done to it for that entire time. Joe replaced many parts to include: the winding pinion, the escape wheel, the center wheel pinion, the auto drive wheel, the winding stem, the third wheel, the main spring, and finally the sapphire crystal. This would have cost me a small fortune for all those parts plus the complete overhaul at the Rolex factory, but Joe gave me a superb deal, and kept the price extremely reasonable. Quick turnaround (approx 3 weeks)…I highly recommend Joe for all your Rolex service needs.

  2. admin says:

    Thank You Terry
    Enjoy your Rolex

  3. Dennis DeVries says:

    Lets try this again.

    I have a 1971 Rolex GMT master which I purchased in 1971(courtesy of the military it cost me
    $202) and it has been my 24/7 daily wearer since then. I sent it to Joe for service in 2012 with
    excellent results and I sent it to him again in October of this year for routine service. I
    discussed with Joe my service desires, minimal case polishing, no dial or hand service and
    careful attention to water resistance as I swim with the grandchildren all summer. He did exactly
    that. I also discussed timing expectations and he was upfront that a watch this old cannot be
    expected to perform like a new model. He was nice enough to send the positional timing charts and
    some of the positions were outside COSC standards. After 5 days on my wrist it is running about +1 per day which I certainly can’t complain about.

    The entire service time was 36 days including round trip shipping which is very good. During that time Joe was very good about keeping me appraised of progress and was available for phone conversations and prompt about responding to email questions.

    Over the years I have had many service people work on it with varying degrees of satisfaction. I
    can say Joe has provided exemplarily service and I would not hesitate recommending him to service
    your vintage or modern high end watch

  4. Ronald J Augustyn says:

    I had my Rolex Submariner overhauled By Luxury Watch Service. I was amazed when I got it back. It looked the same as when I purchased it new in 1967 as a 20 year old soldier. The watch looks and, better yet, keeps time like new. Mr. Roth is not only a master craftsman, he’s “Old School.” He delivers exactly what he promises. I highly recommend Luxury Watch Service.

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