About Joseph Roth : Swiss-Trained Master Watchmaker

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Our QualificationsJoseph Roth is a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker, he earned a WOSTEP Certificate, a Technical Certificate, and is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.
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Luxury Watch Service was founded by Joseph Roth, a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker who has earned both the internationally-recognized WOSTEP Certificate and a Rolex Technical Certificate and is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.
From a very early age Joseph Roth was fascinated by everything mechanical; he loved the grease and the moving parts that went with bicycles, cars and motorcycles. It was a prospect that didn’t make his mother too happy and compelled her to often spice their conversations with comments like: “You know your great uncle just loves being a watchmaker, it is so interesting… such a wonderful profession. And watches are the most mechanical of all mechanical things.” Joseph would simply listen, wondering how his mother could even think that watches had anything to do with mechanics!

It wasn’t until he began high school that he had any practical exposure to the world of watchmaking. A class was being offered and he decided to try
his hand at it to see if watches were as mechanical as he had been told so many times. It happens that watchmaking turned out to be a lot more interesting than he had anticipated. Moreover, not only did he demonstrate a talent for it, they allowed his class to fix the students’ watches and to charge them a modest fee.

This was just the perfect blend for his enterprising spirit, and the dye was cast. Another watchmaker was born into the Roth family. Naturally, he wanted to further explore everything related to watches and to perfect his ability. This interest led him to Switzerland, where he enrolled in the most prestigious watchmaking school, WOSTEP in Neuchatel (see below), and spent time learning from the very best in the trade.

Subsequently, he returned to Miami and began working with some of the top jewelry houses as an independent-contractor watchmaker, and was sent to  New York for special training. In recent years Joseph has completed a series of courses with AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) and Rolex on different watch movements to further develop and fuel his passion for watches.