Certified Equipment for Rolex Watch Repair

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Genuine Parts for Rolex Watch Repair

Be sure your watch maker is using genuine Rolex parts and certified equipment. What exactly does that mean? Let’s explore.

Certified Equipment and Parts

There are two different things discussed here. The first is certified equipment and the second is certified parts. First I will discuss the equipment and why you should care. Look at the image below which shows three pieces of equipment.

Certified Equipment for Rolex Watch Repair

The equipment in the above image shows three tools, a Roxer Natator, a Hot Plate and a Diabolic E. Remember you are allowing a watch repairman to put your Rolex into these tools. Proper Rolex watch repair requires proper equipment and using the wrong equipment can have the opposite effect and ultimately damage your watch.

What the Equipment Does

The hot plate is exactly what it sounds like, a very hot plate. Do you want your watch on an extremely hot plate if it is not certified by Rolex? The Roxer Natator applies pressure to your watch while it is under water. I guess you know the question here, do you want your Rolex placed in water and have pressure applied to it in uncertified equipment? Neither do I. The third piece of equipment is the Diabolic E which also puts your watch in water and places air into the watch to test pressure from the inside out. Another tool you want to have certified.

Use Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are those that are purchased from the original manufacturer. If genuine parts are not used then you may have issues. Not everyone can obtain parts from the manufacturer, to get them you must be approved. For proper Rolex watch repair you not only want certified equipment but also genuine parts so you can be sure your watch is in the same shape as when you originally bought it. There may be more problems down the road if your watch has parts that were not made by the manufacturer.

Assure it is Proper Rolex Watch Repair

Be sure to ask your watch repairman if the tools are certified by the manufacturer and the parts are genuine.

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