Choose Your Watch Band

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luxury watch bandsThese days a A man’s wardrobe can be very limited. It mostly contains the basics, including shirts, slacks, suits, jeans and sweaters. So adding a watch to your wardrobe can be one of the few times you can express your personality. A mans watch is considered timeless jewelry. Rolex watches are stylish and timeless. Rolex, Breitling and Omega are one of the most celebrated brands.

The Watchband
There are so many ongoing arguments about the best watchband for a mans watch. One option is for rubber straps which can be sturdy and comfortable for the wrist. Steel bracelets never go out of style, while some prefer leather. Rubber straps are best for sporty watches but not necessarily dress watches. Steel bracelets are versatile as they can be both sporty, casual and used in more formal situations.  Leather bands are really stylish but can typically not be used in sport situations.

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