Is Your Rolex Waterproof? Using the Diabolic E

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How do you know if you waterproof Rolex is in good working order and indeed waterproof, and more importantly what needs to be repaired? To know if your watch is going to keep water out your watchmaker needs to use a water resistance tester such as the Natator 125 and the Rolex Approved Diabolic E seen in the image below.

Water Resistance Tester – Diabolic E
Your watchmaker needs to test the water resistance using a proper tester. While there are various testers on the market, the ones used here at Luxury Watch Service are what Rolex requires watchmakers to use.

rolex water resistance tester

The Diabolic E works slightly differently than the Natator 125. The Natator will apply pressure to the watch once it is submerged. The Diabolic E puts air into the watch then you place it underwater. Once underwater the watchmaker will be able to determine if there is a leak and where.

Is Your Watch Being Water-Resistance Tested?
Ask your Rolex watch repair man if they are testing the water resistance of your Rolex. Be sure to ask if your repairman is using Rolex approved equipment. You should only let your watchmaker test the resistance of your Rolex and be sure to have the tests run at the recommended intervals by your watchmaker. The last thing you want is to find out a gasket is not working properly when you are underwater.

Water Resistance Rolexes
Water resistant means that the watch will not allow water into the watch up to a certain depth. For example the first Rolex Submariner introduced in 1953 was water resistant up to 330 feet. The current submariner model is waterproof up to 1,000 feet. However you will want to have that tested as you are having your watch cleaned and tuned.

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