Quality and Tradition with Watches by Rolex

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A Brief History of Watches by Rolex

It was 1905 when the first watches by Rolex were made by Alfred Davis and Hans Wildorf. Back then, the watches by Rolex were mainly sold to jewelers because of their value. The jewelers then had their names put on the dials. One of the most common and notable features of Rolex watches were the “W&D” which was found at the case back of these early wristwatches.

Since those early days, it has been known that the quality of watches by Rolex is the best and this is why affluent members of the society considered it somehow as a kind of status symbol to have a timepiece bearing the name Rolex. To this day, Rolex watches are valued with hefty price tags and are still considered as a luxury item; what with being the only luxury brand for watches.

Quality of Watches by Rolex

Rolex has set the bar high for quality watches and is considered unparalleled when it comes to not only fame but dependable quality as well. It was back in 1931 when the very first self-winding timepiece was made available to the public. They made use of mechanisms which did not rely on constant clock winding which resulted in more accurate time keeping.

Watches by Rolex are carefully crafted ad make use of high quality materials which ensure years of lasting quality and performance. They have water-resistant timepieces, quartz watches, collections suitable for aviation, diving, and mountain climbing, and materials like ceramic bezels which are highly scratch resistant.

The Value of Watches by Rolex

Because of the quality, respected name, and world-renowned performance of these timepieces, Rolex watches are considered as investments. Watches made by Rolex have lasting quality and when properly taken care of, can still retain a good value. This is why individuals who are purchasing watches by Rolex have the option to wear a status symbol on their wrist or even get money back for it when they choose to.

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