Quality Repair Watch Services

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After years of quality and precise time telling, some watches get broken or malfunction because of falls, unwanted impact, or other damage. Fear not though. There are rolex repair services which can take care of your watch problems for you.

Special Repair Watch for Luxury Watches
Luxury watches need special repair because their parts are different from ordinary timepieces. With special repair watch for luxury watches, damages which cannot be fixed by local watchmakers or repairers can be given solutions and your special watch will be in top shape as soon as possible depending on the damage it has. Professional watchmakers take care of the repair watch procedure and guarantee top care for luxury watches.

Repair Services Included
With LuxuryWatchService.com, your watch will be treated with extra care as the watch is being repaired. All parts of the watch will be cleaned ultrasonically and inspected to see which ones need replacing. The back seals, crown gaskets, and crystal seals will also be replaced during the repair watch service.

All moving parts of the watch will be lubricated with high-grade Swiss lubricants to help improve performance and make the watch last longer. Before the watch is assembled for final inspection, scratch marks from the bracelet and bezel will be polished to give the watch a good as new look.

To make sure that your luxury watch is working properly a WOSTEP certified watchmaker will test for accuracy and will check the standards of excellence of your luxury watch.

Certified Watch Repair Services

After the overall repair watch procedure has been done, the watch will be tested for accuracy, water and pressure resistance for 72 hours to see if it is working properly.

The watchmaker in charge of checking the overall performance of the watch is a certified WOSTEP watchmaker who has completed the two-year certification credited by the famous Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School. This is done to guarantee the top-notch performance of your luxury watch.

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