Rolex Sea Dweller for the Ultimate Adventure Under Water

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For an ultimate adventure under the sea the Rolex Sea Dweller will take you up to a depth of 4,000 feet and you better make sure you have had a proper watch repair if you needed it. Always be sure to use a certified Rolex watch repair person. Anyway, this watch is made for those who would love to explore the great mysteries of the deep waters. Divers can rely on the precision of the Rolex Sea Dweller even when submerged under water up to this great depth of 4,000 feet.

Rolex designed a one way gas escape valve to protect the watch from being damaged when exposed to intense internal pressure when divers come in to their decompression chambers. The name itself is a give away, this is a watch made for those divers who are after the great mysteries of the world under the great seas. For further protection underwater the Rolex Sea Dweller features a Triplock system with triple gasket system which screws down tight unto the tubing of the case and against its Oyster case.

Watch Repair

watch repairFor the safety of divers wearing the Rolex Sea Dweller watch, a unidirectional bezel is featured. This prevents any accidental turning of the bezel during the dive which can make divers miscalculate their time spent under the water. A scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal is as well used for the protective window of the dial. The Rolex Sea Dweller runs with self winding mechanism. When you have a watch of this type that needs to go so far under water be sure, before you dive, to obtain watch repair from someone who knows what they are doing.

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