Rolex Yachtmaster

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Rolex Yacht-master is commonly confused with the Submariner. The Rolex Yachtmaster is quite different. This model, unlike the Submariner which was first introduced in 1954, was introduced years later in 1992. It also made it’s debut in 18 karat yellow gold. That is quite an expensive yet stunning introduction to the marketplace.

As if the 18 karat gold version was not amazing enough, Rolex then introduced a platinum version. Rolex calls this their Rolesium Yacht-Master. The term “rolesium” is a term you typically only hear when referring to a Rolex. Who else can combine a stainless steel and platinum construction. The dial as well as the bezel are in platinum while the crown, band and case are in stainless steal. A visually stunning piece.

Many believe this watch is only to be used by those who boat. However as it is a stunning piece you can imagine this watch will look good no matter when or where you wear it. As with all rolexes it is a finely crafted timepiece that can be used as opposed to just worn like many other watches on the market.

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