Testimonials Keep Pooring In

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We are just 11 days into March and since February we have already received seven additional rolex repair testimonials.

“Joseph…Received my watch about two days ago and it looks great! I wound it and set it and it has been running fine ever since. Thank you for a job well done and if it ever needs additional repair, I will be in contact with you….Thanks again……..Rick”

~ Richard F. Wiegman
March 2013

“I am very satisfied with the quality and level of service Luxury Watch
Service provided. Everything was thoroughly explained and the watch
was delivered when promised. I would recommend using Luxury Watch
to others and I plan to use in the future.

~ Fred Halvin, Austin, MN
March 2013

“I went to a water park while on vacation in July, and water got into my Rolex . I tried to dry out the watch with a hair blower, didn’t work. I waited months before i decided to look for someone to repair my rolex. Who could I trust, and how much will it cost. I googled a few rolex repair places and came upon luxury watch service. I looked at some of the work and read some of the testimonials and decide to give them a try. Joe sent me pictures of what my watch looked like, I felt there was no hope. Joe work his magic on my watch and I am very happy.

My watch came back looking new. Just like the day I brought it 15 years ago. Thank you Joe

~ Thomas Williams, Freeport, NY
March 2013

“Joe did a wonderful job on my 13 year old AirKing model Rolex. It works perfectly, and looks as good as new. I was getting a little anxious as a few weeks went by and I didn’t hear any news about my watch. When I did reach Joe, he set me at ease. I’m looking forward to many more years of service from my Rolex, and will probably treat it more like the valuable time piece it is.

Should it need service, Joe at Luxury Watch will be the first person I will contact.

~ Mark Adelson, San Bernardino, CA
March 2013

“Thank you Joe for fixing what was a bad decision to let someone not as experienced work on a Rolex. Luxury Watch is just that, Luxury at its finest. What was once a heap of parts is now a great time piece and a fine piece of jewelry. Thank You Joe Roth!

~ Tony Durant, Mesquite, TX
February 2013

“I was very concerned where to send my Steel Submariner Rolex watch. I chose Luxury watch service and I am very happy I did. Their service was as they stated, timely and professional.

The service was completed on time and as quoted (price). My Sub looks and runs like new. Joe kept me informed and when I had questions he was timely in his response. Joe even went above and beyond when I asked him to give me a quote on a watch I was trying to sell. After his very fair appraisal he even clean and serviced the watch at no charge.

Joe is an honest man and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone who wants their luxury watch repaired or clean.

~ Dr. Sam Anderson, Mesa, AZ
February 2013

“I am totally satisfied with the service I received on my ladies Rolex watch. I had no one locally that I felt was qualified to repair my timepiece. All serivce and repairs were completed in a reasonable amount of time with no difficulty in sending or receiving my watch insured via UPS“.

~ Susan Frendreis, Wellington, Florida
February 2013

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