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My mid 1980s GMT stopped working and after some web searching, I decided to send it to Joseph for repair. After replacing several springs, levers, and wheels, and a cleaning and adjustment, my GMT arrived back to me in excellent condition. It took a total of 4 weeks from shipment to return. I was apprehensive at first about mailing my watch to a stranger, but after this experience, he will get my future business too.

Peter Torres    una semana atrás  

Excellent turn around time. Service was explained in detail over the phone. Very satisfied and extremely convenient to mail in. there were some reservations about using a mail in service. but ultimately it was insured, quick and easy. I recommend

J King    hace 3 meses  

I had a ladies Rolex that stopped working. I sent it to Joe using his prepaid shipping label. He gave me an estimate promptly. The repairs were made and the watch is like new. Thanks Joseph for the expert repair and turnaround.

Ed Flemmons    hace 2 meses  

Joe was great from the start, calling me and explaining the whole process. He had back to me in about 3 weeks fixed and looking like brand new!!! Would def recommend and use his service again in the future.

isaac srugo    3 semanas atrás  

Luxury Watch Service provided me with a flawless experience. First, you start with free insured shipping TO and FROM Joe's state of the art facility. (He only uses factory authorized parts, lubricants, and brand specific tools and equipment.) Second, he puts his Swiss trained master watchmaking skills to work, and the results are phenomenal. When you pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a watch, you want piece of mind when it is being serviced. Joe gives you that piece of mind. My Rolex looks brand new and keeps perfect time. It was important to me that I send my watch to someone who is a Rolex Certified Watchmaker. Not to mention, WOSTEP certified, ETA 7750 certified, etc., etc. Third, after Joe has meticulously restored your watch to near perfect factory condition, he returns it to you in an awesome padded, zippered protective case. Horology is an art, and Joe is a master artist. Do yourself a favor, and send your watch to Luxury Watch Service.

Chandos Schultz    3 semanas atrás  

I have had Luxury Watch Service perform service on our family's Rolex watches for a number of years. I return again and again because I receive first class service, excellent communication and real value from Joseph Roth.
My most recent experience did not disappoint. My wife's Rolex Datejust was due for service and Joe was upgrading the dial to a beautiful Rolex blue dial with diamond hour markers.
The watch is absolutely beautiful and runs perfectly. Once again a great experience with Joe Roth and Luxury Watch Service. You will not be disappointed.

Bob McTernan    July 12, 2020   Vancouver, WA   

Joe, I received my watch and it looks great. Thanks for your fast service and excellent work. I highly recommend Luxury Watch Service

Irving Snow    June 25, 2020   Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey   

Joe, Thanks for fixing my broken Rolex President! When it stopped running, I thought for sure that it was a goner! But, you did a remarkable job of complete restoration and returned it to me all polished like new and running perfectly. You are now in my file for routine service every 5 years to avoid a reoccurrence of what you had to do to get my Rolex running this time. Thanks again, and all the best, CRF

CRF    June 22, 2020   Idaho   

Joe is very honest and does quality watch repair. I highly recommend him.

George Rodgers    June 19, 2020   Pawley’s Island, sc   

When I sent you my Rolex several of my friends questioned my judgement, sending a $7,500 watch to downtown Miami. I am very satisfied and my watch looks brand new and works perfectly. I would highly recommend your work.
Thank you.

Martin Hogan    April 16, 2020  

My Rolex watch GMT was not keeping time. I knew something was really wrong so I called my old friend Joe Roth. The process was short and sweet overnighted the watch. Before I knew it he overnighted it back in a bulletproof pouch. My watch was brand new again!
Thank you

Richard Allen Pitofsky Sales    January 9, 2020  

WOW! Joe is a true craftsman, a sophisticated watch artisan to say the least.
I have a 20 year old Rolex Explorer ll, I wear it everyday, two of my vehicles, have well over 700k miles combined, the watch predates them. I am in the marine industry and the watch takes a beating, deep scratches, numbers worn away, sand embedded in the bracket. I don’t recommend this type of abuse for any other kind watch company, but as you see with my vehicles, I buy quality. The one thing I have neglected, is my watch and finally it stopped.
I called Joe, he said to fill out the info online, print a label and mail it to him. “Joe Roth is the only person, I will every trust with an item that means so much to me”. So I did, Joe received the watch and gave me an estimate. I gave the go ahead, and Oh My! He literally made it look like new. Joe, you are the best! I will tell anyone looking for a quality time piece or who needs servicing to use
A true craftsman, does the job right the first time!
Thank you very much Joe!

Nick Holpfer - N. H. Services    October 25, 2019  

Hi Joe,
Got my Rolex back yesterday and it’s gorgeous. Seems to be working fine. You said something about being out of the country for awhile. Let me know when you’ll be back and I’ll see about sending your my other Rolex this coming fall. Nothing wrong with it but I’m guilty of ignoring the service cycle. Watch was purchased new in 2003.
I’m considering getting a self-winder and wondered if you have any recommendations?

Tom McBride    June 2, 2019  

My Rolex arrived today at 11 AM, It’s beautiful. Thank your for doing a wonderful job.

Paul Demessianos    April 28, 2019  

I was VERY skeptical about sending it in the mail to an unknown party on Miami. What gave me confidence was I called a phone number (it was a Sunday) and Joseph Roth answered the phone – he was working on Sunday. We chatted about my NOT trusting strangers; I got a good-feeling from our talk. It’s been 4 weeks and last night I received a text from FedEx that a package was in transit from Miami. Needless to say I was very excited to rip the box to shreds to get a feel of my Rolex on my wrist again. It looks great, and seems to be keeping good time for the past six hours. I’ll sleep with it on my wrist tonight and want to extend a THANK YOU tо Mr Roth for a job well-done for a fair price. I, L. J. Colucci (from Buffalo) HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOSEPH ROTH – if you need a watch repaired!

L. J. Colucci    April 22, 2019  

Mr.Roth I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on my rolex watch. It looks brand new and is working beautifully. The price was more than fair and I could not be happier with the overall process. Your service was prompt and shipping was not an issue. Again thank you very much.

Paul M    March 27, 2019  

Mr Roth,
We received our ladies Rolex President back from your service on Wednesday. Looks beautiful. I might add that I have owned Rolex watches since 1965 and over the years have had Rolex service as well as service by jewelry stores.
With that said, I found your detailed description of the service needed coupled with a written list of the work and an accurate estimate to be outstanding.
Thanks so much,

Doug Summers    March 25, 2019  

Sending my watch to another State was a bit of a challenge for me, especially Miami. While I was pondering the idea, a successful Businessman/Associate Pastor was speaking up front one evening and I noticed something shinning on his wrist. A Rolex Submariner catching the overhead lights. A Divine answer. I wore this Rolex 24/7, working on cars, trucks, my Harley, and Aircraft Generators for 20 years. The self-wind stopped working. I sent the timepiece to Joseph and then the check. It came back shinning and new looking. Great job Joe.

Michael Gleason    March 10, 2019  

I just received my watch and I could not be more pleased with the repair or the service. 37 years old and my Rolex looks, feel and operates as if it were brand new. Mr. Roth was incredibly responsive. Very reasonable repair investment was worth every cent. Shipment both ways was carefree…I can see why this firm is so popular and am so glad I trusted my repair to Luxury Watch Service!

Thank You

Paul Buckley    October 6, 2018  

My Gold Rolex President arrived yesterday. I just wanted to drop you note to thank you for the incredible job you did in repairing it. As you know it was scratched and had several links on the bracelet that were bent because of a fall I had taken. The watch was a mess, it looks like new now.
Thank you.
P.S. I could not find how to put this up on your site. Please feel free to publish the above.

Marty Lopata    July 18, 2018   Huntington Beach, CA   

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on both my Cartier roadster and Rolex Explorer 2. My Rolex stopped working and I had not worn my Cartier for over 5 years since it is 15 years old and probably stopped back around 2012. While searching for a watch repairer out in San Diego I came across Luxury Watch Service on the internet. I read some testimonials on he website that said Joe Roth had been servicing high end timepieces for many years and customers were beyond satisfied with his work. I was a little skeptical about sending my watches across country however Joe called my cell phone within hours after I sent an email to his website. He explained that the watches would be sent with a shipping label that was insured by his company and he was approved by the better business bureau. I sent both a couple days later and he called me agin the day they got to him. We discussed the 399.00 overall and of course whatever parts needed to be replaced i would be charged for. He then sent a detailed invoice for both watches two weeks later and we spoke again. Within four weeks both watches were back at my door in nice watch holders Joe Provided with the insurance labels on the shipping box. They looked amazing! They both work perfectly and look beyond brand new. Thank you Joe for your professionalism and impeccable service. I am very excited to wear my roadster as it now looks better than the day I bought it 15 years ago!

Thanks again

Bryan    May 18, 2018   San Diego, CA   

Dear Joe,
About one year ago you overhauled my Rolex watch. You did a fabulous job for a reasonable price. You did exactly what you promised for the price you quoted. You took care of shipping, insuring and making sure I got my watch back safe and sound. You are highly professional. With all the horror stories one hears about doing business via the internet I was very concerned about shipping my expensive watch off to a stranger. But you made sure the entire transaction ran like clockwork (pun intended). I would have no reservation in the future. Last Sunday I thought my watch had developed an issue. I sent you an email expecting to hear back from you the following week. To my surprise you remembered me and responded immediately resolving the issue. That’s what I call service. Thanks much Joe. Best regards,

Fred Millard - Attorney at Law    March 10, 2018  

I have a circa 1982 GMT-Master which my wife bought me for our wedding anniversary. I love the watch and had it serviced locally every three or four years until I discovered Luxury Watch. I was hesitant to mail my watch to Miami to someone I didn’t know or was not affiliated with a national jewelry store chain. However a friend recommended Joe. Joe has serviced my Rolex to my complete satisfaction since then. When I receive it back after service, it is like new, when something didn’t seem right, Joe promptly took it back and corrected the issue. Joe’s prices seem fair and the work he does is first rate, you are not dealing with a factory tech, you have someone to talk to who gets to know you and understands your watch. I highly recommend Luxury Watch to anyone who has an expensive time piece and wants it serviced right!

Jonathon    January 18, 2018  

Joe, Just received my dad’s Rolex Just Date Watch which soon will be my son’s college graduation gift (next week). I think he’ll love it, and I know I do. Thanks so much for guiding me every step of the way in you bringing it back to life. It sounds and looks marvellous. You are the best version of a watchmaker and artist. I can’t thank you enough. Very Sincerely,

Bob D. in Albuquerque    November 20, 2017   NM   

If you need Rolex Service, this is definitely your guy! Joe Roth has taken care of me on several Rolex watches and they all came back working perfectly and looked brand new!! Even rebuilt the band on a GMT and looked new!!! This guy is awesome! Only one I use for Rolex service! First class!

JD Barkley    October 15, 2017  

Just a brief note to tell you that my Rolex hasn’t missed a second (that I could measure) since your repair. Thank you for a job well done.

John Towson    March 23, 2017   Ocala, FL   

Mr. Roth provides elite-level watch repair and/or maintenance with upmost professionalism and care. The before-after pictures that he displays on this website are 100% accurate. Your watch will appear exactly as it did when it was new. If you are concerned about sending your heirloom piece via mail, remember that stone-and-mortar jewelry and watch shops that provide these services very rarely perform the maintenance ‘in house’. They send them to trained specialists so, either way, your watch is going to take a trip via third party courier. At least with Luxury Watch Service, you get to manage the delivery yourself.

C. A. Mavridis    March 14, 2017  

Joe, Thanks you for the prompt turnaround. The watch looks good. Can you service a Patek or Omega? I will keep you in mind to refer to my friends.

D. Hobe    January 23, 2015  

Mr. Roth, The miracle you performed in restoring the Rolex I have worn for 38 years far exceeded my expectations. The watch has never looked better. Thank you very much.

R. Hays    January 20, 2014  

Hello Joe, I received my watch back from you this afternoon. Looks really nice all polished. Thank you very much.

Y. Johnson    October 5, 2013  

Joe, I received my Rolex and it looks like brand new! It is great to have the timepiece back on my wrist. Thank You so much!

Dr. Cesta N.    October 3, 2013  

Just want to thank Joe for making my 30 year old GMT Master run and look like new. The ease of sending and receiving my watch and the attention to detail made this a good experience. Will be back to you in 5 years!

J. Kurtis    May 24, 2013  

I sent in an older, vintage Rolex that had stopped running. I received a watch that looked brand new and works perfectly. The service was responsive and attentive. A second watch, an Audemars Piguet, likewise came back looking like new!

John Zenger    May 12, 2013  

Just got my two watches back from Joe. Awesome work. Thank you.”

Happy customer on Facebook    April 20, 2013  

After normal angst about sending off my watch to an internet watch repair service I took the risk…. Well worth it.. Credible, did everything he said, watch working great! Will return it again for next service.

Dale    April 16, 2013  

Joe made my 30 year old Datejust look like brand new. It was a case of what was promised is what was delivered. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and can say that you will not be disappointed with the work done by Luxury Watch Repair.

Bob McTernan    March 24, 2013  

I had my Rolex repaired and cleaned at Luxury Watch Service and was pleased with the courteous, professional way the transaction was handled. The watch was returned clean and shiny and since I received it (about a month ago) I wound it and it has been working perfectly since then. I will use this service again if I have any trouble with any other watch.

Rick W.    March 17, 2013  

Received the watch in almost new condition. The watch keeps excellent time and looks much like the day I bought it in 1969!. Thanks for your excellent craftsmanship.

C. Sorensen    March 13, 2013  

Joseph…Received my watch about two days ago and it looks great! I wound it and set it and it has been running fine ever since. Thank you for a job well done and if it ever needs additional repair, I will be in contact with you….Thanks again.

Richard F. Wiegman    March 8, 2013  

I went to a water park while on vacation in July, and water got into my Rolex . I tried to dry out the watch with a hair blower, didn’t work. I waited months before i decided to look for someone to repair my rolex. Who could I trust, and how much will it cost. I googled a few rolex repair places and came upon luxury watch service. I looked at some of the work and read some of the testimonials and decide to give them a try. Joe sent me pictures of what my watch looked like, I felt there was no hope. Joe work his magic on my watch and I am very happy.

My watch came back looking new. Just like the day I brought it 15 years ago. Thank you Joe.

Thomas Williams    March 4, 2013   Freeport, NY   

Thank you Joe for fixing what was a bad decision to let someone not as experienced work on a Rolex. Luxury Watch is just that, Luxury at its finest. What was once a heap of parts is now a great time piece and a fine piece of jewelry. Thank You Joe Roth!

Tony Durant    February 25, 2013   Mesquite, TX   

I am totally satisfied with the service I received on my ladies Rolex watch. I had no one locally that I felt was qualified to repair my timepiece. All service and repairs were completed in a reasonable amount of time with no difficulty in sending or receiving my watch insured via UPS

Susan Frendreis    February 19, 2013   Wellington, Florida   

You can trust Joe to fix it right and at a fair price. My Rolex looks better now than it did when it was new.

John Olson    January 22, 2013  

I sent my husband’s 15-year-old Rolex to LWS with a broken band. Joe repaired the band, serviced and cleaned the watch and it is like a brand new watch!

Heather Taylor    January 18, 2013  

I had an accident while wearing my watch. I thought it was damaged beyond repair. Just receive my Rolex back from Joseph and Wow! Not only did he fix the damage - but it looks bran new! Absolutely beautiful! I can’t thank you enough on the great care you took!

Lisa Medeiros    July 1, 2020   Cedar Key, Florida   

I purchased my 1970 Red Submariner while on a Hawaiian R&R from a tour of duty in Vietnam. And I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that when this Marine returned to the Jungle to finish the tour I took this poor time piece with me through the gates of hell and back. For the next many years I wore it almost daily, always reluctant to have it serviced for fear of the unknown. Finally, within the last year, it began to run a little slow and I felt uncomfortable taking it on deep dives. Due to Joe Roth’s excellent Luxury Watch Service on-line presence and our telephone conversation discussing options, I became convinced to send my cherished Rolex to him for a tune up. Let’s just say I chose wisely! After receiving Joe’s estimate I added the rebuild of my old stretched bracelet and asked him to find me a suitable newer bracelet with the flip-lock w/diver’s extension to better accommodate my cold water dive suit. All three pieces came back in outstanding “like new” condition. Based on his excellent communication, pricing, insured shipping, service warranty and ultimate performance I can sincerely recommend Joe’s watch making skills. Joe is now my newest friend and I look forward to having him care for my Submariner for years to come.

noel goodale    June 25, 2020   Temecula CA   

Joe, Thanks for fixing my broken Rolex President! When it stopped running, I thought for sure that it was a goner! But, you did a remarkable job of complete restoration and returned it to me all polished like new and running perfectly. You are now in my file for routine service every 5 years to avoid a reoccurrence of what you had to do to get my Rolex running this time. Thanks again, and all the best, CRF

CRF    June 22, 2020   Idaho   

My husband and I used Vision of Time for a repair and serving. We are both very hard on our watches. We had both cracked our crystals. Joseph Roth rescued us. He completely fixed our watches and they are like new. Joseph was professional, timely and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him and his company. We will use him again.

Robin and Brad    May 20, 2020   Little Torch Key, Florida   

Hi Joseph just wanted to let you know that I received the watch today. Looks great. I will test it out the next couple of days and let you know if there are any issues. Great doing business with you and I will keep you in mind for any future needs.
Thanks again

Gretel Garcia    March 30, 2020  

Mr. Roth:

I received my watch back from you on 111919 and just wanted to say you did an excellent job. It looks very nice, you did exactly as I requested regarding very minimal case polishing and nothing done to the dial.

As I said in our last phone call I broke one of the spring bars adjusting the band and could not wear the watch. I left it face up for the first 24 hours and it gain 7 seconds. After getting the bracelet resolved it has been on my wrist for 24 hours and it has since gained only 2 seconds which is about all I could ask.

You don’t by any chance keep the timing sheets after service do you? If so I would like mine to see how it runs in different positions.

After a few more days I will post my comments on Google, thanks again for your prompt and excellent service.

Dennis DeVries    November 21, 2019