Use a Professional for Rolex Repair

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Rolex Repair of a WatchI suggest you use a professional who knows what they are doing and has years of experience in the repair of your watch type.

Specializing in Rolex Repair

These days there are many brands of watches and even more models. Not every watch is alike, in fact they can be incredibly different. It is best to find a watch repairman who specializes in your type of watch and has the appropriate equipment.

Why is Certified Equipment Important?

We all know that people will cut corners. We also want to know that if someone is working on our car they are using the proper tools. How sure are you going to be that your car is fixed properly if the mechanic is using a diagnosing tool that does not do a good job. I for one want my mechanic to use the proper manufacturer approved equipment. It is the same with my Rolex repair. I want to know that the watchmaker is using Rolex approved equipment and that it is certified by them, otherwise how can I be confident in the Rolex repair and service my watch is getting?

How is the Equipment Used?

Below is the equipment that is Rolex certified. You should ask the watch repairman that is taking care of your watch if their equipment is certified and if they use the three pieces of equipment below. Do not trust your watch to be submerged in water and pressure applied unless you are certain the equipment is certified and will not damage it. The machines below are quite expensive and only the best repairman use them.

Heat Plate

Heat Plate for Rolex Repair

Heat Plate for Rolex Repair.

The heat plate serves a specific purpose. By using the heat plate the watchmaker can figure out if there is condensation.

This is useful for all watches but particularly the water proof ones and the diving watches.

The last thing you want is for your expensive Rolex to be placed onto a non-certified heat plate and cook it or ruin it.

Roxer Natator

Roxer Natator used in Rolex Repair

Roxer Natator used in Rolex Watch Repair

This contraption is quite impressive. The equipment is called a Roxer Natator and is used to create a pressurized environment for the watch.

The process is to fill the equipment with water and then place the watch inside. Next you close and tighten the lid. Pressure can be applied and you can determine if the seals and gaskets are okay.

Diabolic E for proper Rolex Repair

The Diabolic E is yet another piece of equipment used in Rolex repair. This works a little different than the Natator. In this case air is placed into the watch then the watch is put into the water. After that the pressure is applied once the watch is submerged.

All the equipment used needs to be Rolex certified to assure it is testing your watch appropriately.


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