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Gifting a Rolex at Christmas Time

It can be tough trying to figure out what to give someone for a Christmas gift, especially a woman who is used to buying nice things for herself. However, if your mother, sister or wife is someone who is always putting other people’s needs before her own, buying her a nice gift may be a...
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A Rolex Repair Testimonial

We thought we would share this recent testimonial. This not only shows our own personal attention to detail that we provide every customer but also the longevity of a Rolex when it is taken care of. It is always great to see such an amazing timepiece being passed down to subsequent generations. “The watch, a...
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Quality and Tradition with Watches by Rolex

A Brief History of Watches by Rolex It was 1905 when the first watches by Rolex were made by Alfred Davis and Hans Wildorf. Back then, the watches by Rolex were mainly sold to jewelers because of their value. The jewelers then had their names put on the dials. One of the most common and notable...
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A Look at the 2013 Rolex Models

TIME IS PRECIOUS, AND SO ARE THESE Rolex has become an entity unto itself. It’s transcended the world of watches to become synonymous with status and suggestive of something more along with Aston Martin and Armani suits, and has achieved this throughout the years by offering in its watches the sort of unparalleled blend of...
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New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona for 2013

This is one of the new Rolex models. It is the Cosmograph Daytona with a 40mm case. It is platinum with they oyster case. The movement is perpetual mechanical chronograph and of course self winding. Color The band is a three piece platinum band with solid links. There is an ice blue dial and a...
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Choose Your Watch Band

These days a A man’s wardrobe can be very limited. It mostly contains the basics, including shirts, slacks, suits, jeans and sweaters. So adding a watch to your wardrobe can be one of the few times you can express your personality. A mans watch is considered timeless jewelry. Rolex watches are stylish and timeless. Rolex,...
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Professional Rolex Service and Care

As the saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words. While it is one thing to discuss the services that Joseph provides, I thought we would show you. Here is a picture of four soon to be very happy customers. All four of the watches have had a thorough rolex service and been polished....
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Pictures after Rolex Repair

Here are some recent photos of Rolex watches after repair by Joseph. See more pictures here after our Rolex repair services have been rendered. As you can see Joseph takes them apart and cleans every possible piece.

Virtues of Luxury Watch Service

Having your Rolex watch repaired requires a professional since there are a lot of factors to bear in mind. Here at Luxury Watch Service we provide quality service and fairness of price. Here are three virtues we take price in. Fair Prices A Rolex watch is not exactly the most inexpensive item in the world,...
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