Where to Put Testimonials

We have gotten some fantastic testimonials and reviews of our service. Thank you to everyone that has offered one. If you are looking for the review page find it here. Thanks.

Testimonials Keep Pooring In

We are just 11 days into March and since February we have already received seven additional rolex repair testimonials. “Joseph…Received my watch about two days ago and it looks great! I wound it and set it and it has been running fine ever since. Thank you for a job well done and if it ever...
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Testimonials for January and February of 2013

Here are some of our most recent Rolex repair testimonials sent to us and added by our fans on Facebook. “In a word, your work is superb! After nearly 14 years of daily wear without any service, you turned my Rolex into a sparkling, tight timepiece that looks and feels brand new. It takes a...
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Use a Professional for Rolex Repair

I suggest you use a professional who knows what they are doing and has years of experience in the repair of your watch type. Specializing in Rolex Repair These days there are many brands of watches and even more models. Not every watch is alike, in fact they can be incredibly different. It is best...
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Certified Equipment for Rolex Watch Repair

Be sure your watch maker is using genuine Rolex parts and certified equipment. What exactly does that mean? Let’s explore. Certified Equipment and Parts There are two different things discussed here. The first is certified equipment and the second is certified parts. First I will discuss the equipment and why you should care. Look at...
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Economical Rolex Repair Service

We all want to get the best service for our money. In some cases that means using a service or repairman that either does not use certified equipment or genuine parts. However in the ideal case the Rolex repair service is specialized, efficient and in turn yields great service at a great price. We all...
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Luxury Brand – What Comes With It

Luxury brand, sometimes also known as luxury good. These are products which are associated with luxury and affluence. Products that belong to a luxury brand are some of the most expensive and high priced in the market. Depending on the type of product, there are thousands of luxury brands all over the world. A luxury...
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Buying a Used Rolex

Fancy getting a used Rolex instead of buying a new one? You probably desired getting a Rolex watch, but one problem you face is that it is really expensive. Depending on the model, a brand new Rolex watch can cost you several thousands of dollars. If you don’t have that much then you might consider...
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Getting a Vintage Rolex

Why get a vintage Rolex watch? Rolex watches are considered as luxury items because of the hefty price they fetch. Rolexes are really expensive whether bought on retail, from the factory, or even second hand. So is a vintage Rolex watch, because they are no longer in circulation. However, there are many reasons why one...
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A Woman Needs a Luxury Watch Too

Luxury Watch as Fashion Piece A watch is an essential accessory for those on the go but a luxury watch is so much more than a tool that conveys time. It represents your style, personality and status. Men are the more apparent watch aficionados. However, in this day and age, when women are as empowered...
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