Rolex Watch – The Ultimate Timepiece

The Rolex watch, everybody has heard of it. And everybody wants to own one. The Rolex brand is a giant among watch brands. It has been around more than a century now, and there are no signs of Rolex slowing down. In its advertisements, only the best celebrities and personalities are given the privilege of...
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Taking Your Rolex Watch for Rolex Repair Service

Makers of the Rolex watch designed this amazing time piece to last “forever”. However, just as nothing lasts forever, so too is your Rolex watch. Over time, the outer surface will have scratches, tarnished and get stained. Friction will wear down the moving parts of the watch. Your Rolex will eventually require maintenance and check-up....
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Quality Repair Watch Services

After years of quality and precise time telling, some watches get broken or malfunction because of falls, unwanted impact, or other damage. Fear not though. There are rolex repair services which can take care of your watch problems for you. Special Repair Watch for Luxury Watches Luxury watches need special repair because their parts are...
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Rolex Water Resistance Tester Roxer Natator 125

The Roxer Natator 125 is a Rolex approved water resistance tester for Rolexes. This particular piece of equipment creates a pressurized environment for the watch. The Natator has a stainless steel tank which is filled with water and the watch. Rolex Natator 125 Operation The Natator is filled with water then the watch is also...
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Does Your Rolex have Condensation?

To determine if your Rolex watch has condensation the watchmaker will use a Rolex approved heat plate. The heating plate will allow the watchmaker to determine where and how much condensation may be present, then fix it.

Is Your Rolex Waterproof? Using the Diabolic E

How do you know if you waterproof Rolex is in good working order and indeed waterproof, and more importantly what needs to be repaired? To know if your watch is going to keep water out your watchmaker needs to use a water resistance tester such as the Natator 125 and the Rolex Approved Diabolic E...
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Need a Cuckoo Clock?

While we are the place for your Rolex repair, this is the place for a Cuckoo clock. Take a look at Cuckoo Clocks Schoenwald which offers high quality Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks from the birthplace town Schoenwald. They will ship all over the world. The Cuckoo Clock began in Germany, and was invented in the...
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Rolex Yachtmaster

Rolex Yacht-master is commonly confused with the Submariner. The Rolex Yachtmaster is quite different. This model, unlike the Submariner which was first introduced in 1954, was introduced years later in 1992. It also made it’s debut in 18 karat yellow gold. That is quite an expensive yet stunning introduction to the marketplace. As if the...
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Rolex Submariner

A divers watch is personified in the Rolex Submariner. Whether it is stainless steel, a combination of stainless and gold, or just gold, it is a functional watch. Many call the hour hand with the three points a Mercedes symbol as it resembles one. Have your Rolex Submariner cleaned and serviced by a professional. This...
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Rolex Milgauss and Rolex Watches

Built To Last a Lifetime Are you fascinated by science and always seek new discoveries, Rolex watches are the epitome of constant new discoveries. If you are then the Milgauss is the Rolex watch for you. The Milgauss is one of the Rolex watches that features a 40 mm dial and all the three models...
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