We Use Only ROLEX Factory Parts

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Rolex Certified



We will email you a free full insured & Prepaid UPS or FedEx Label after Joseph speaks with you about your service.

Member of the AmericanWatchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Privately Insured by North American Collectibles Association

for a maximum of $25,000 per package




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    Our WOSTEP AND ROLEX SWISS Certified Watchmaker (Joseph) will contact you with a preliminary watch repair estimate.
    If you approve the estimate, we will send you a pre-paid and insured FedEx or UPS shipping label by email.
    Drop off your watch at any UPS or FedEx Office location and ask for a receipt.
    When we receive your watch, we’ll take a look at it and then contact you to confirm the original estimate.

    With your approval, we will repair, and clean, your watch and ship it back to you fully insured in one of our special zipped travel cases.

    If you decide NOT to proceed with the repair, we will ship your watch back fully insured at NO charge in one of our special zipped travel cases.



    $499.00  Free Shipping
    So what are the ten steps of a watch service:
    Check if the serial and model numbers match, and in which condition the watch is. Based on the initial assessment, we will provide a cost estimate and a timeline for the service.
    Removal of the bracelet or strap, and disassembly of the case and the movement. For the disassembly of both the case and the movement, special tools, and extensive training are required.
    Once the case and the movement is disassembled, the individual parts are thoroughly cleaned in a deep ultrasonic/steam clean. The specially formulated solutions removes the old lubrication and any dirt from the movement. A luxury watch can have hundreds of parts, each of them very fragile to handle, so the process is very delicate.
    After the parts are cleaned, each one is meticulously examined by our factory authorized Wostep,Rolex certified watchmaker. Worn or weak components are then replaced with genuine Rolex manufacturer’s parts only.
    Each movement can contain hundreds of parts and our watchmaker painstakingly reassembles them. He also lubricates the contact points in the movement to minimize friction and prevent wear. This helps ensure optimal performance and longevity of the timepiece. We use only factory Rolex authorized lubricants.
    In several steps, our watchmaker adjusts the movement until the timepiece is operating at optimal precision. The calibration is key to meet the manufacturer’s tolerances.
    The case and the bracelet of the timepiece is refinished to bring back its original luster. As part of the polishing process, scratches and small dents are removed. Different compounds are used to provide the final finish – polished or matte – while preserving the original shape of each component. However, polishing is an individual decision based on the preferences of the owner. For example, it is not advisable to refinish a highly collectable or vintage watch, since their patina is part of the history.
    Lastly, the case is skillfully reassembled and all seals and gaskets are replaced to ensure the water resistance is back to factory standards.
    Every watch is vacuum and pressure tested, using test equipment with wet and dry chambers. Over a period of time, watches are tested to keep time accuracy. Automatic watches are placed on an auto winder to test the self-winding mechanism. Chronographs are tested with the chronograph mechanism running.
    Rigorous checks are carried out at each stage of the servicing process. During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance of the watch is throughly checked. Then the customer is informed that the watch is ready for the next several years.
    • We use Only-Genuine ROLEX Factory Parts
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • We provide a Fully Insured & pre-paid  both ways to and from UPS  label
    • We insure your watch for you with the North American collectibles association up to $25,000 
    We Use Only Genuine Parts this is the only way to do the JOB RIGHT..
    Next are photos of  Swiss factory tools and equipment needed to do the proper service to water seal and timing to bring your Rolex watch back to factory standards.

    American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute

    Joseph Roth is a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker who has earned both the internationally-recognized WOSTEP Certificate and is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. You can look up LUXURY WATCH SERVICE on the BBB website.

    He then enrolled in the most prestigious watchmaking school in Switzerland, the WOSTEP in Neuchatel, and spent time learning from the very best in the trade.

    Subsequently, he returned to Miami and began working with some of the top jewelry houses as an independent-contractor watchmaker.

    Joseph has also completed a series of courses with AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) on different watch movements to further develop and fuel his passion for watchmaking.

    Mr. Roth:
    I received my watch back from you on 111919 and just wanted to say you did an excellent job. It looks very nice, you did exactly as I requested regarding very minimal case polishing and nothing done to the dial.
    As I said in our last phone call I broke one of the spring bars adjusting the band and could not wear the watch. I left it face up for the first 24 hours and it gain 7 seconds. After getting the bracelet resolved it has been on my wrist for 24 hours and it has since gained only 2 seconds which is about all I could ask.
    You don’t by any chance keep the timing sheets after service do you? If so I would like mine to see how it runs in different positions.
    After a few more days I will post my comments on Google, thanks again for your prompt and excellent service.
    Dennis DeVries
    I thought I would write a quick note and thank Mr. Joseph Roth for servicing my Rolex Sea-Dweller.
    I bought my watch almost 15 years ago and it hasn’t left my wrist or eyeshot since. Needless to say, I had a bit of trepidation in leaving my watch for 3-4 weeks while it was being serviced.  However, I just picked my watch and it looks and runs like I just bought it!
    Mr. Roth shows an impeccable amount of detail and care when servicing your watch. This is evidenced by an earlier than expected return and a detailed review on what was being done to the watch. Mr. Roth is extremely knowledgeable and explained what was needed and the cost prior to doing anything.
    I can tell you without a doubt, I trust Mr. Roth and his 30 years of experience. Excellent job, I couldn’t be more pleased.
    Beat regards,
    Brian B.
    Hollywood, FL
    “When you service a meaningful family timepiece, doing business over the Internet is like taking a leap of faith. Joseph Roth’s services were performed in an exemplary manner: insuring your timepiece at the value from your insurance policy, providing for shipping to and from his facility at the expense of Luxury Watch Service, effective communication, and realistic expectation as to what is being repaired, cost of the repair, how much time it will take. Joseph Roth did everything he said he would do and did it well. I would highly recommend this Rolex cleaning and service to folks that need their Rolex repaired.”
    Paul Mahoney
    “I was very leery about sending my Rolex off to someone I had heard about on the internet. But I was desperate and could not find a recommendation for a local watchmaker that specialized in Rolexes. Joseph was completely upfront and honest about the cost of repairing my watch. I had broken the pin that attaches the band, and I had not had the watch serviced in years. My watch came back today and looks brand new! I could not be happier. The price was worth every penny. Joseph did a super job, was honest, and got the watch back to me when he said he would. I highly recommend Joseph — and would trust him with any valuable timepiece.”
    Beth Stanton
    “I just received my Submariner and my wife’s Yachtmaster and they both look amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to remove so many scratches from these watches — they absolutely look brand new. Wow! I can’t stop looking at them! Thanks again for such a great job, we really appreciate it.”
    Mark & Lisa Gerard
    “Joseph, I cannot tell you how happy I am. You are a true professional!! I have owned my Rolex for 20 years and I am sad that I did not find out about you and your business sooner. While I have had little go wrong with my watch over this time period, I did have one problem earlier and was not happy. Your recommendation to have the watch serviced every 3 or 4 years is an excellent idea and I will be contacting you again when the time comes. Thank you again for being there.”
    Peter Davis
    “Joseph Roth at LUXURY WATCH SERVICE epitomizes superior customer service. I initially made my inquiry over the internet on their website. Shortly thereafter, Joseph called me and walked me through the process. Not only was it simple and easy to ship my Rolex off for repair, but Joseph confirmed all the repairs that were going to be necessary, did the repairs on budget and on time, and returned my Rolex on the date promised. I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results.”
    C.L. Douglas
    “When I sent my Rolex watch to Joseph for repair it was literally falling apart. I received it as a graduation gift many years ago and it had never been serviced – it looked awful and I thought it was beyond repair. Between the repair and the cleaning of the Rolex, when Joseph returned it to me I thought I’d just gotten a brand new watch!”
    Jennifer Walsh


    Highly Qualified Watchmaker
    Joseph enrolled in the internationally-recognized WOSTEP program of instruction. The WOSTEP program is one of the most important certifications for watchmakers around the world.
    In recent years Joseph has completed a series of courses with AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute).
    Complete Overhaul
    • All the parts are ultrasonically cleaned, degreased and then inspected for any signs of excessive wear.
    • Your case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets are replaced with new seals and gasket.
    • A WOSTEP Certified Watchmaker will then carefully refinish the watch case, the bracelet and the bezel to remove scuff marks and scratches so that your watch will look as good as it looked when it was brand new.
    • All moving parts are then lubricated with Special Swiss high grade lubricants and oils during the repair reassembly process.
    • Once your watch has been completely reassembled, it will be thoroughly tested according to factory standards of excellence, and it will be subsequently tested for 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance and proper operation. Any required adjustments will be made accordingly with a Special Swiss “Witschi” timing machine.
    • Finally, your watch will be back to factory specifications
    *The above Overhaul Special prices excludes chronographs and more complicated movements. Some repairs may require replacement of parts. This would not be covered in the “Complete Overhaul Service.” Special repairs may take longer due to special ordering of parts.