Process for Rolex Service, Patek, & Cartier

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Joseph Roth founded Luxury Watch Service. Joe has been servicing luxury watches for 40 years, from Rolex Repair and Service, to Patek, Cartier and other high quality luxury brands. Joe is a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker with the highest qualifications and accreditations.

All the parts used are factory certified parts. All the equipment used is Swiss made factory certified equipment. It is important to know that we use only brand-specific tools and equipment. Equipment is replaced regularly and can cost up to $9500 per piece of equipment. We also only use genuine parts specific to your watch. The technical documentation and guidelines provided by each brand are followed to assure your watch is as good as new.

Our Service process consists of the following to assure your watch is returned to you performing and looking as good, if not better, than the day you bought it. Here is a summary of the Testing and Servicing we perform.


To determine what needs to be serviced we will examine your watch movement with factory certified equipment and tools. Movement is inspected for wear on the parts.

Servicing, Cleaning and Parts Replacement
  • All the parts are ultrasonically cleaned which allows us to remove all oils and grease. They are cleaned in a special Tempo 400 ultrasonic watch cleaning machine.
  • Your case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets are replaced with new seals and gaskets.
  • All moving parts are then lubricated with Swiss high grade factory lubricants and oils during the service repair reassembly process. Only new factory specified lubricants are applied to the pivots of wheels to protect from wear and friction.
  • The case and bracelet will then be ultrasonically cleaned, refinished and then high polished to put your watch back to the original  factory finish.
  • We carefully refinish the watch case, the bracelet and the bezel to remove scuff marks and scratches so that your watch will look better than brand new.
  • Once your watch has been completely reassembled, it will be thoroughly tested according to Swiss standards of excellence. The watch will be subsequently tested for 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance and proper operation. Any required adjustments will be made accordingly with a special Swiss “Witschi” timing machine.
  • Water Pressure Test
    All new factory gaskets and seals were replaced above. Now it needs to be pressure tested. This is done with a Roxer vacuum and a compressed air tester. Your watch will be completely submerged in water. After this test a Roxer condensation test is performed to check for condensation. The final test is with a Sigma water tester.
  • Motion Testing
    This test is used for testing automatic watch movements. This test is preformed by putting the watch on a automatic watch winding machine for 24 hours. Then we check to see how long it takes for your watch to stop running. 
Timing and Calibration
  • Timing of the watch movement is done and achieved by setting the balance wheel to the proper rate. Your watch is set to factory specifications. 
Parts and Repair

We will contact you with the necessary parts if needed to bring your watch back to factory specifications . We use only factory genuine Rolex parts.

Free Estimate
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