What famous people have worn Rolexes in movies and commercials?

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Rolex is perhaps the de facto watch brand that practically everyone thinks about when they think of luxury, elegance and, well, expensive things.

The fame surrounding this watch brand is incredibly simple to understand: these watches are simply made to last. They are so well made that they practically last for decades and do not seem to depreciate in value.

Rolex and celebrities

Celebrities have always been trendsetters, especially when it comes to different fashion garments and accessories. Naturally, Rolex watches have been at the center of many celebrities’ attention, which eventually contributed to the everlasting popularity of this eternal watch brand.

Although fashion trends are known to last for a short amount of time, Rolex watches never seem to go out of style anywhere. The timeless construction of the watches, not to mention its classic roots, keep people ranging from celebrities to watch enthusiasts always interested in a good Rolex watch.

As a classic brand, Rolex’s name and reputation has been around for decades, ever since its inception in the early 1900s. It’s no secret that, as a result, celebrities enjoy the fame and the reputation that Rolex affords them as soon as they don the watch in professional and candid photos.

Rolex even recognizes the value of their celebrity wearers. Over the years, Rolex has asked many celebrities and important public figures to wear their watches in various advertisement campaigns, professional photographs and even candid photos.

A recent example of Rolex recognizing the value of their celebrity consumers is their recent 2013 ‘Rolex And Icons’ social media campaign. In this viral video series, Rolex recounts the history of their famous brand and the famous people who wore their watches throughout the years.

Rolex and Celebrities Video

The Rolex And Icons campaign presents this information in a set of stylish and informational documentaries, designed to inform and titillate viewers into understanding the sheer allure of the watch.

Rolex in popular media

As mentioned earlier, if you’ve heard about luxury products, you’ve probably heard about Rolex in some capacity. Although you’re not going to see dedicated commercials about Rolex throughout the year, Rolex watches are known to appear in various forms of media in both subtle and visible ways.

As an example, many movies and television shows use Rolex watches as a part of the selected wardrobe for actors, especially if their character is known for wearing a piece of luxury like the watch itself. Television hosts, too, may have on a luxury watch as a part of their regular get-up—and most of the time, it’s a classic Rolex watch.

Seeing people, typically famous people, don the Rolex watch naturally makes viewers want to purchase their own Rolex in any condition. Appearances in such media only makes Rolex as a brand much stronger, and honestly, unlikely to fade out anytime soon.

Rolex appearances – celebrities and media

The Rolex brand watch has countless appearances in popular media, mostly through appearing around the wrist of yesterday’s and today’s popular celebrities and public figures. One famous celebrity wearer happens to be Clint Eastwood, who famously wore a Rolex GMT II in his 1982 film, Firefox.

Here, we’re going to take a look at who wore what Rolex watch in popular culture throughout the years.

Air King

This simple and surprisingly inexpensive Rolex watch appeared in the movie ‘Picture Perfect’ around the wrist of actress Jennifer Aniston. Senator John McCain has also been seen wearing an Air King on occasion.

Rolex Date

This classic Rolex watch has had several of its models make appearances in popular media.

The DateJust has been seen in the movie American Psycho, clad in a Jubilee bracelet around the wrist of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. Paul Newman also wore a DateJust in the movie, The Color of Money. Eddie Murphy also wore a two-toned DateJust in the 1992 movie, The Distinguished Gentleman. Harrison Ford has also been pictured wearing a stainless Rolex DateJust.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner Date made an appearance in 1989 Bond film, Licence To Kill, naturally worn by Bond of the time Timothy Dalton. The Submariner Date also made an appearance in 2004’s National Treasure, worn by Nicholas Cage.

As celebrities, such as Brad Pitt shown in the picture above wearing a Rolex, and public figures continue to wear Rolex watches, the eternal popularity of the brand will continue to prosper, even as the brand moves to the web to reach a new generation of potential Rolex wearers.

The next time you’re watching television, a movie or even looking up popular media, try to see if you can spot someone wearing a Rolex watch—and then, you’ll understand the impact of the Rolex brand in popular culture.

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